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A photographic essay depicting significant farm structures in Putnam County, created by Dell Jones and Carol A. Turrentine. (2002)

The remains of barns, chicken coops and other outbuildings, remind us that Putnam County was once significant dairy and farmland.  The images in this essay depict of sampling of these structures as they stand in 2002.

Exhibition Schedule: 2003
March -August, 2003          Putnam Valley Historical Society

Ryder Farm’s “The Sycamores” date to 1795. A certified organic farm and CSA, community supported agriculture, the farm is still run by members of the Ryder Family. In addition to produce, the property also includes a separate flower garden managed by Betsey Ryder who brings her wares to the Union Square Green Market and other retail enterprises. Photo by Carol A. Turrentine.

Originally part of the Philipse Land Grant, the original farmhouse on the Levitis property dates to the American Revolution. This first deed granted in writing was to James Hill in 1840. In 1867, the property was deeded from the Crane family to John D. Arnold; both families were known for their support of patriotic causes. Photo by Carol A. Turrentine.

Detail at Gilbert Farm. Photo by Dell Jones.

Cow and horse barns at Gilbert Farm. Photo by Carol A. Turrentine.

Outbuildings take different color. Some of the main farmhouses are of masonry construction (wealthier landholders), while the majority are wooden structures.

Saunders Farm in Philipstown still retains much of its 18th century character. The original farmhouse dates back to 1770, but dormers, porch and other extensions were added over time. In 1907, when the property was purchased by the Saunders, it was dairy farm. Today, it is used for horses, sheep and cattle. Photo by Dell Jones.

Interior construction views. Typical Dutch mortise and tenon system with “H” frame.

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