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Bushwick Comes to Putnam

on Thu, 08/06/2015 - 00:27

Gritty, elegant, bold, thought provoking, and just plain fun. These are but a few words to describe the June 27, 2015 exhibition “Bushwick Comes to Putnam,” which featured works by Rafael Fuchs and artists represented by the Brooklyn Gallery, Mighty Tanaka.  

Six Whipple House Lane presented a unique backdrop to exhibit and explore art work inspired by and created in Brooklyn, New York. Urban views of rooftop gatherings, brick lots, fast moving colors, graffiti, and street corners filled with images of the people who inhabit these spaces found quiet reflection on the sunlit gallery walls.

Mr. Whipple was delighted to open his home for this program noting that, “it is important to bring together different communities to share ideas and promote artistic endeavors. The works of Skewville and the other artists featured by Might Tanaka, and images created Rafael Fuchs offer us views into a beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring world.” 

View works from this exhibit here

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Rafael Fuchs is one of the most distinguished and influential contemporary photographers in the Bushwick art world. While he has captured celebrities for magazines such as Life, W and Entertainment Weekly, his photographs and videos or Brooklyn transform us to a world filled with raw emotion and beauty. In 2012, Rafael founded Fuchs Project, to preserve, produce, create art events and exhibit art works of emerging and mid-career artists who are a part of the Bushwick art evolution and are creating challenging and educating works that are related especially to the photography media.

Rafael Fuchs
C: 917-930-8304

Since the late nineteen -nineties Skewville has been illegally throwing their signature wooden sneakers over telephone and electric wires above the streets and installing other pun-painted wooden sculptures at ground level all around the world.  Smart, snarky and above all funny, this duo has been utilizing their tongue-in-cheek visual voice to infuse our media conversation with cultural commentary on the state of society, art and economics. 

In her work, Alexandra Pacula examines the enchantment of urban nightlife. Speeding vehicles, hasty pedestrians, extravagant lights of night environments are captured in rich, exhilarating paintings that make us stop, speed up and wonder.

Skewville and Alexandra Pacula are brought to Putnam County by Mighty Tanaka, an art gallery committed to serving both New York City and beyond through curated events, exhibitions and special projects.

We are devoted to the advancement of breakthrough forms of art that express our generation’s voice and vision.

 Mighty Tanaka