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Supporting preservation of Putnam County, NY’s historic landscapes and buildings through collaborative partnerships.

The Society for the Preservation of Putnam County Antiquities and Greenways, also known as Preserve Putnam County (PPC), is a not-for -profit educational organization established in 1999 to foster preservation of the historic architectural character and natural environment of Putnam County, NY.

Preserve Putnam works with non-profit organizations and government agencies that are engaged in activities that foster preservation of the built, natural and historic environments. [ see Links ] PPC encourages the granting of restrictive easements and maintenance and restoration of historic dwellings, buildings and architecturally significant properties of Putnam County, New York in furtherance of such charitable and educational purposes.

Through its public programs and historic preservation activities,  PPC strives to ensure  access to our County’s historic resources and valuable greenspaces for generations to come.

In addition, Preserve Putnam County has developed online historic collections and  exhibits made available for general use via its website.



December, 2011
The Whipple-Feely Chapel gets a new steeple thanks to the efforts of many dedicated individuals and craftspeople. read more


The vintage postcards presented in Carmel portray the elegant Putnam County Courthouse, a national historic landmark; the picturesque lake and agricultural pursuits; the corner dam and watershed development; Drew Seminary and other local institutions; the days of steam trains and Model Ts; and the community’s eventual suburbanization. This beautiful and informative book is available for purchase on


The Board of Directors of The Society for the Preservation of Putnam County Antiquities and Greenways, Inc. (“Preserve Putnam County”) has, with great sadness, decided to relinquish the Lease of Tilly Foster Farm (the “Farm””). We will assist the County Executive and the Legislature in returning the Farm to direct County control. During the transition, the Tilly Foster Farm Museum will remain free and open to the people of Putnam County and our animals will continue to receive excellent care.

Preserve Putnam County is extremely proud of its five-year stewardship of the Farm. It met its goal of keeping the Farm free and open to the people of Putnam County when it was threatened with being closed to Putnam County residents.

Preserve Putnam County created a world-class museum of critically endangered Early American farm animals when there was not a single animal on the Farm when it took over the Farm stewardship. Preserve Putnam County added infrastructure to the Farm including painting buildings that had not been painted in 40 years, constructing new fences and maintaining, repairing and painting the traditional white fencing that surrounds the Farm.

Thousands of volunteer hours were utilized to keep the Farm attractive for its owner, the people of Putnam County. The Board would especially like to thank Meredith Whipple for assisting the Society in running the Farm and for her daily presence at the Farm for two years struggling against almost insurmountable odds to keep the Farm free and open to her neighbors in Putnam County. The Whipple family additionally donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in meeting the shortfalls of the Farm explicitly so that the Farm would not be closed to the people of Putnam County.

Preserve Putnam County has filed with the County every document required by Federal, State and County law, all of which are publicly available, and Preserve Putnam County will provide any information required by its lease agreement with the County.

Preserve Putnam County is very proud of its successful venture (and adventure) in its management of the Farm by providing free access for the people of Putnam County. In total, over the last 15 years Preserve Putnam County completed and financed five projects for Putnam County. In addition to the Tilly Foster Farm Museum, the Spain Cornerstone Park with its conference center; Whipple-Feeley Putnam County Veterans Memorial Chapel; obtaining and lending the portrait of General Israel Putnam for the historic courthouse; and planting the rare Liberty Elms in front of the building to appear as it did in the 1920s.

We are proud of our gifts to the people of Putnam County and invite you to visit and enjoy them.

The Board of Directors of The Society for the Preservation of Putnam County Antiquities and Greenways, Inc.
Hon. Robert J. Bondi
Steve Ewing
Hon. Donald B. Smith
Edward Cooke
Robert P. Morini
Meredith A. Whipple
George C. Whipple III

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