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Putnam County has the distinction of being home to several of the Union’s most important leaders.

By Matthew Hereford.



General Daniel Butterfield was not pleased with the old military call “Extinguish the Lights“, feeling that it was not conducive to rest at the days end. With the help of the brigade bugler, Oliver Norton, Butterfield wrote Taps while in camp at Harrison's Landing, Virginia, following the Seven Day's battle during the Peninsular Campaign of 1862. The call sounded that night in July, 1862, soon spread to other units.

George Whipple has always been interested in the rich history of Putnam County. He is the Third generation of his family to live at Pine View Farm in Kent. In 1999, he founded the Society for the Preservation of Putnam County Antiquities and Greenways (aka Preserve Putnam) with an ambitious goal of delivering five major history and preservation projects over the course of five years. The first project alone took five years.

At Spain Cornerstone Park, Preserve Putnam worked with Putnam County to convert a gas station and brown field located in the middle of the Hamlet of Carmel into a green

In 1850, those approaching or leaving the Village of Brewster would pass by the stately temple-like building perched above Main Street...

This fine example of Greek Revival architecture was constructed around 1850. Though built by Walter F. Brewster who had briefly studied architecture at Yale, it is most likely that the design came from a builder’s guide, a common practice of the era. Walter Brewster lived on Marvin Avenue, which was then know as “Riverside” as it flanked the East Branch of the Croton River.

Cornerstone Park

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The Cornerstone Park concept is based on the renovation of a central square – often the gas station - in the historic downtown of our older communities, reviving these centers and creating much needed greenspaces and tourism related services.  It is designed to enhance economic revitalization efforts with aesthetic improvements and by creating public space in a downtown area.

Laura Spain Memorial Cornerstone Park

1 Fair Street, Carmel, NY  10512

In 2002, Preserve Putnam County collaborated with Putnam County to design and develop a public park with welcome center and historical museum at

The Whipple-Feeley Chapel

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The chapel was recreated from the 1832 Red Mills Baptist Church in Mahopac which was dismantled in 1999 and kept in storage until 2006. The chapel was built under the direction of Peter Allegretta and George Whipple III. The steeple, which did not survive the years in storage, needed to be entirely rebuilt.

Area professional carpenters donated thousands of hours volunteering on Saturdays for nearly a year.

The chapel is named in honor of deceased Putnam County veterans Capt. George Carroll Whipple, Jr. and Sgt. Robert Stanton Feeley.